A student uses a brain scanner in an experiment.

Brain Music

Brain Music

The Georgia Tech Brain Music Lab is a community gathered around a unique facility that combines new music technologies with EEG (brainwave data) and other physiological measurement techniques. Our mission is to engage in research and creative practices that bring health and well-being to others.

Our Projects

Students work on a human feedback music technology project.

Musical BioFeedback

Projects include brain-body music performance, epileptic seizure detection, collaborative sensing, and empathy building.
An image of brain scans from a research paper.

Emotion Classification

We develop ways to analyze and predict listeners' responses to music.
An illustration of the brain to demonstrate musical stimulation.

Musical Brain Stimulation

We help engineer musical stimuli to produce beneficial brain rhythms that can mitigate diseases.
An illustration of a person hearing music.

Brain-Body Music Performance

We develop new music performance paradigms with the help of the technologies resulting from GTCMT research.

Making Music with Brain Waves and Heartbeats

Georgia Tech School of Music professor Grace Leslie was recently featured on Science Friday, a program that spotlights entertaining and educational stories about science and technology. In the video, she discusses how she uses her brain and body to compose music, and how she develops new technologies in her research.


Georgia Tech Research Shows Listening to Heartbeats ‘Boosts’ Empathy

Listening to Heartbeats ‘Boosts’ Empathy

New auditory technique changing emotional perception and connection

Lead investigator and recent Georgia Tech Ph.D. graduate, Mike Winters conducted the research in the newly formed Brain Music Lab, led by Grace Leslie in the Georgia Tech School of Music. The study applied knowledge of the well-known emotional effects of musical tempo with applied knowledge in sonification and experimental design that Winters had picked up working with Bruce Walker in the Sonification Lab.


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