Brain Music

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What We Do

The Georgia Tech Brain Music Lab is a community gathered around a unique facility combining EEG (brainwave data) and other physiological measurement techniques with new music technologies. Our mission is to engage in research and creative practice that brings health and well-being to others.

Brain Music Projects

Emotion Classification

Affective Response Learn More about Vocal Acoustics

Musical Brain Stimulation

Music for Brain Signal Learn More about Vocal Acoustics

Brain/Body Music Performance

Brain/Body Music Performance Learn More about Vocal Acoustics

Our Team

Grace Leslie, Advisor


  • Mike Winters


  • Antoine De Meeus D’Argenteuil
  • Madhukesh Ayyagari
  • Yuqi Cao
  • Aziz Gonul
  • Snehesh Nag
  • Jeremy Sparks
  • Pranav Swaroop
  • Ashvala Vinay


  • Walter Kopacz
  • Carson Myers

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