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Computational & Cognitive Musicology

Computational & Cognitive Musicology

The Computational and Cognitive Musicology group aims to answer questions about musical structure and organization, and how people respond to those structures, using scientific methodology. We look for new ways to build, organize, distribute, and analyze musical data, while aiming to build user-friendly technologies to assist scholars, educators, and music lovers.


Computational and Cognitive Musicology Projects

An image of red and blue dots of various sizes on a chart, representing moods.

Music Perception and Cognition

We conduct behavioral experiments to try to answer complex problems in the field of music perception and cognition.
An image of musical notation

Theory vs. Practice

We seek to provide empirical support (or refutation) for claims about the structural organization of music.
A screen shot of code.

Symbolic Corpora Building

We seek to address a severe lack of symbolic musical data and provide tools for its analysis.
An image of musical notation with a line graf below it.

Computational Musicology Research

We aim to understand or extract higher-level features from symbolic musical data.


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