A pianist demonstrates the Skywalker project

Changing Music with Technology

Changing Music with Technology

The Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology aims to transform the ways we create and experience music, and to create the next generation of technology for composition, performance, consumption, and education.

Resesarch and Art at Georgia Tech

GTCMT's guitar bot plays a guitar

Robot Guitarist Plays With Human Expressivity

Shimon the robot plays marimba

Art & Technology Harmonize in School of Music

Dancers interact with dancing robot arms

FOREST: A Robot & Human Experience Through Sound

See and Hear What We Do

Watch and listen to recent work that displays the various ways in which we create and experience the next generation of technology for musical composition, performance, consumption, and education.

Robotic Musician Performance

Skywalker Hand Demonstration

Live EarSketch Demo

Our Research

Our research focuses on creating innovative musical technologies that transform the ways in which we create, experience, and learn music.

Robotic musicians perform with humans.

Robotic Musicianship

Facilitating meaningful musical interactions between humans and machines.
Colleagues converse at a dry erase board.

Music Informatics

Designing the next generation of intelligent music software.
Two people conversing at a computer.

Computational Music for All

Seeking to engage a broad and diverse public in creative and collaborative music-making.
An image of a musical score and graph to illustrate computational and cognitive musicology.

Computational and Cognitive Musicology

Using scientific methodology to answer questions about how people respond to musical structure and organization.

25th Guthman Musical Instrument Competition Winners

This year's Guthman Musical Instrument Competition featured nine finalists from six countries. Hosted by the School of Music, the event identifies next-generation musical instruments and the best new ideas in musicality, design, and engineering.


First Place: Zen Flute

Keith Baxter, United States


Second Place: Abacusynth

Elias Jarzombek, United States


Third Place: Hitar

Martelloni, McPherson, Barthet, United Kingdom

People's Choice award Abacusynth

People's Choice


Recent News

Drumming robot plays a bongo with a human student.

Haile at the London Science Museum

Graffiti that says Hip Hop Influences Everything

Hip-hop’s transformative 50-year impact

Discovery files podcast logo

NSF Discovery Files: Learn to Code With Music

Image of humdrumR code on a black screen

Digital Humanities Advancement Grant


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