Computational Music for All

Computational Music for All Research and Projects

What We Do

The Computational Music for All group seeks to engage a broad and diverse public in creative and collaborative music-making. Research activities include:

  • The design, deployment, and evaluation of learning environments that increase and broaden participation in both music-making and in STEM fields.
  • The creation of experimental musical performances and experiences that redistribute the roles of composer, performer, and listener; expose the creative process to audiences in new ways; engage the public as musical collaborators.
  • The design and development of core technologies to enable these experiences in areas such as real-time music notation, web audio, live coding, and network music.

Computational Music Projects

Our Team

Jason Freeman, Advisor

Post Doctoral

  • Astrid Bin


  • Takahiko Tsuchiya


  • Ryan Rose
  • Avneesh Sarwate
  • Jason Smith
  • Yi Wu
  • Benjamin Genchel

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