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Music Informatics

Music Informatics

The Music Informatics group designs the next generation of intelligent music software – we work on new ways to produce, access, and enjoy music. The main research focus is on music information retrieval, audio content analysis, and music performance analysis.


Music Informatics Projects

A man wearing a headset looks at a screen while another man looks at a computer.

Intelligent Music Processing

How can a machine make musically intelligent decisions? That's where we come in.
Three people look at a computer screen.

Music Information Retrieval

Our research ranges from drum transcription and playing technique detection to automatic chord recognition.
An ensemble of singers with smartphones performs.

Ensemble Performance Assessment

Our software platform gives students in a vocal ensemble a real-time assessment of the accuracy of their singing.
A person plays at a keyboard while two others look at a computer.

Student Performance Assessment

Our research focuses on musically intelligent computer-assisted practice sessions for students learning an instrument.

Our Team

Alexander Lerch, Advisor

Ph.D. Students
  • Siddharth Kumar Gururani
  • Kumar Ashis Pati
Master's Students
  • Yihao Chen
  • Jiawen Huang
  • Yun-Ning (Amy) Hung
  • Yanchao Liu
  • Tejas Manjunath
  • Kaushal Sali
  • Li-Chia (Richard) Yang
  • Yifei Yu
  • Yiting Zhang


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