A man demonstrates the Skywalker project.



The Skywalker project aims to allow amputees to play musical instruments using a prosthetic hand designed for finger-by-finger operation. The device uses a novel ultrasound sensor and deep learning algorithms that detect and predict muscle patterns in the amputee's stump. The predicted finger movements are mapped to control detailed robotic finger movements with dexterity and subtlety that can support expressive musical performance.



  • PI: Gil Weinberg
  • Students: Mason Bretan (alumnus), Zach Kondak, Lamtharn "Hanoi” Hantrakul, Keshav Bimbraw
  • Collaborators: Bernie Shieh, Coskun Tekes, Minoru Shinohara (Shino), Levent Degertekin, Chris Fink, Jason Barnes


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